Dermology Acne Cream -A Review

Dermology Acne Cream

After carefully scrutinizing Dermology Acne Treatment cream, it seems that it is a good anti-acne formulation. It not only helps clear skin of acne but even prevents them from reoccurring, once used continuously. The most powerful and main ingredient of Dermology acne cream — Resveratrol is known to fight free radicals and offers a range of benefits from anti-aging to preventing medical conditions.

It has been seldom reported for any harmful effects (only for those who are allergic to any of its ingredients).

Dermology acne treatment cream results are something you must read…

The manufacturers claim that Dermology acne cream can fade your acne within weeks and stops the danger of future recurrence. This is what makes it the best in the market.

How to use Dermology acne treatment cream

It is easy to use. Slather a thin layer of the cream on the affected area over the freshly cleaned face. Start with once in a day. Gradually shift to using it two to three times a day. Do not use other skin care or makeup products as they may interfere with the working of the acne cream.

Reviews of Dermology Acne Treatment Ingredients

Its active ingredients inhibit bacterial growth, thereby preventing the development of acne. Along with all these anti-acne properties, it leaves skin smooth, radiant and youthful in appearance.

  1. Resveratrol – it is an antioxidant which is obtained from grapes used for making red wine. It checks free radical formation in the body, responsible for acne breakouts. It vanishes blemishes too.
  2. Sandalwood – it lowers the chances of boils, blemishes, and inflammation.
  3. Vitamin E – Prevents the formation of acne and stops its recurrence. It hydrates and provides nourishment too.
  4. Pantothenic acid – a water-soluble vitamin B5, it stops bacterial growth.

Here are the good and the bad properties summed up from the customer reviews of Dermology acne treatment cream:


  • Natural ingredient formulation
  • Both men and women can use it
  • The cream uses clinically tested ingredients
  • It removes and averts acne
  • It can be used both on the face and the body


  • It can be ordered from its official site only.
  • There is no free trial offer
  • Some people may experience sensitivity but it is due to individual sensitivity to a particular ingredient.

From Dermology Acne Treatment reviews, it is clear that this anti-acne formulation is worth trying.

Anti-acne formula that really works
  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Quick healing
  • Effect on scars

My Feedback

My face was full of acnes, zits, whiteheads and blackheads. I had tried almost all over the counter chemical acne treatments which actually made my skin worse. These chemical treatments made my skin rough and increased my acnes in spite of reducing them.

Thankfully I found Dermology Acne cream while searching alternative acne treatment for acne online. One week into use —no effects. Two weeks into use – slight improvement. But the real visible improvements came after 6 weeks, my acnes reduced considerably and this time permanently. They never came back.

First the size of my acne reduced and after 3 months of continuous treatment, my acnes had disappeared forever. Though the marks left by acne are still there, but becoming lighter with each day. But I am truly happy that there is at least one acne cream that could help reduce my problem.

The main reason I opted for Dermology was because of its ingredients that are all natural and safe, unlike other chemical acne creams that I have been using for so long. Moreover, along with reducing my acnes, Dermology acne cream even prevents them from appearing again which is such a relief.

Except the slight irritation that I experienced initially because of the sensitivity towards the formula, I didn’t find anything that could replace my fondness towards this cream. Secondly, it is a bit expensive, but after using it, I think it is worth it.

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