Revitol Skin Exfoliator – A Review

Revitol Skin Exfoliator

If you have had enough of those damaged skin cells due to accumulation of dead skin cell, aging and sunburns – Revitol Skin Exfoliator is something you need. Revitol Skin Exfoliator is best for all types of skin and is also clinically approved to be effective on inflammation and irritation caused by solar irradiation.

It helps smoothen and moisturize the skin from deep within. Revitol skin exfoliator penetrates deep inside the skin cells, thereby cleansing the dead cells and stopping the liberation of histamine in the tissues which help clear your pores. The skin exfoliator from Revitol removes the buildup of dead skin cells that makes the skin look bumpy and reduces the incidence of those nasty skin breakouts.

Amazing benefits of Revitol Skin Exfoliator with Oatmeal

With its all-natural formulation, Revitol skin exfoliator removes damaged skin and gives a new lease of life to the dull skin.

This is how you use it…

Rub with soft hands in circular motion. People with oily skin should use it daily.

Do you know these natural Revitol Skin Exfoliator Ingredients?

The key ingredients of this skin exfoliator are olive oil, sugar and honey, oatmeal, grapefruit, lemon, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid. Oatmeal has components such as glycolic acid, lactic acid, and alpha-hydroxy complexes, which are potentially effective ingredients for revitalizing and refreshing the skin.

  • Olive oil – moisturizes the skin and makes it smooth
  • Honey – Aids in the removal of dead skin
  • Oatmeal – ideal ingredient for those with sensitive skin to loosen the dead skin
  • Grapefruit – a natural antioxidant which is added as a preservative
  • Lemon – checks formation of aging signs
  • Aloe vera – hydrates the skin
  • Hyaluronic acid – maintains elasticity with its hydrating properties

All the other natural ingredients when blended together in this formula make it the best exfoliator cream.


Pregnant, lactating mothers and who are on some medication should ask their doctor before using Revitol exfoliator.

A review of Revitol Skin Exfoliator cream has shed some light on its properties, both good and bad. Have a look.


  • 100% natural, no side-effects
  • Clears all dead and damaged cells
  • Works on all skin types
  • It is not sticky
  • Full money back guarantee


  • It is available online only.

When you buy 4 bottles, two tubes are offered for free.

Brighter, healthier looking skin
  • Effective
  • Safe
  • Side Effects
  • Skin Types
  • Ingredients

My Feedback

I am 42 years old. My biggest problem was not aging, but the dead and dull skin. Using anti-aging creams, I could somehow managed to fight aging but my face didn’t look radiant. My friend told me that it was because of aging and sun damage that my skin was not able to shed the dead skin cells. She recommended me to use the Revitol Skin exfoliator. Because of its high price, I was not in favor to buy it, but somehow she convinced me to order it.

As soon as I started using this product, my skin became gentle and smooth. Every day exfoliation with Revitol skin exfoliator helped remove the old, dead and unwanted cells from my skin. The cream even minimized the possibility of getting blemishes and pimples. The product is amazing and really worked for me. I think the oatmeal present in it does all the wonder, it smoothly scrubs my skin and leaves my skin with a glow.

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