Biotique natural products are effective and help you to get a younger looking skin. Biotique bio dandelion ageless serum restore skin’s youthful appearance in a natural way. Bio dandelion ageless serum is white in color with non-sticky texture. Herbal minty smell of this serum is ultra refreshing. This serum is made of 100% organically-pure and renewable resources. It makes the skin firm.

Is bio dandelion ageless serum is effective for all women?

Yes, it is one of the most popular natural solutions for aging skin. It is manufactured by the biotique company. Honestly, the natural ingredients in this serum are very effective and soothing for all skin types.

Patent ingredients in bio dandelion ageless serum

This serum is a combination of pure dandelion and minerals blended with nutmeg oil. This formula provides the deep-rooted action which nourishes your skin with regular use.

Natural ingredients in the ageless serum

->  Bihidana (pyrus cydonia)

-> Halon ( lepidium sativum),

-> Jaiphal (myristica fragrans)

->  Badam tail (prunus amygdalus),

-> Surajmukhi (helianthus annuus),

-> Khamir (sacchromyces),

-> Doodhal (taraxacum officianle),

-> Ground nut oil

Pros of Biotique bio dandelion ageless serum

– 100% pure natural ingredients for glowing skin.

– It brightens up the complexion and gives a healthy glow.

– Fantastic night serum.

– Smell very refreshing.

– Cruelty-free organic product.

Cons of Biotique bio dandelion ageless serum

– The serum has no sun protection factor.

– It doesn’t give instant results.

Price of Biotique bio dandelion ageless serum

  • ₹ 690.00 for 190 ml
  • ₹ 230.00 for 40 ml

You can improve wrinkles, reduce age spots, dark circles, and skin dullness with just one serum. Natural ingredients in this cream improve micro-circulation. This ageless serum of Biotique can also be used as an anti-aging cream.

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